Trilogy Essential Ingredients provides an extensive range of flavors, seasonings, proprietary delivery systems and functional ingredients. This unique blend of products – coupled with legacy expertise in citrus, spice and mint – come together to deliver what we call Applied Ingredient Knowledge, defined as:

  • Understanding the role that ingredients play in food and beverage systems
  • Recognizing the problems these ingredients – including flavors – can generate in product development
  • Designing ingredient solutions that alleviate them in finished applications



Trilogy’s mission is to assist our food and beverage industry partners with their market challenges by developing high-performance, good-tasting flavors and ingredient solutions. By coupling a synergistic suite of ingredients with a strong knowledge of how to apply them, we help our customers solve their product development and manufacturing problems.


As we grow and evolve, we will develop innovative, consumer-preferred flavors and ingredients for a dynamic global marketplace. In a culture of team effort that allows our employees to express their technical and creative skills, we will provide our customers with value-added products and services and our stakeholders with suitable financial returns and business success.


Since its founding, Trilogy Essential Ingredients has been committed to a culture of sustainability. It is an inherent aspect of our business. From raw material purchasing to carbon footprints of our facilities, Trilogy is acutely aware of the environmental impact of all of its business operations at all of our locations.

Trilogy conducts due diligence on our raw material suppliers, giving preference to those that have their own sustainability processes in place. It is firmly believed that without nature’s gifts, Trilogy and indeed, the entire flavor industry, would be forever changed. Sustainability is a commitment that is a permanent part of who we are.