Ask the Expert – Delivery Systems for Clean Label Flavors

Clean label is much more than a trend in the food and beverage industry. Today, it is part of the overall movement towards natural and transparent
products. Consumers of all ages – especially those within the trend-setting Millennial and Generation Z demographic cohorts – demand products that
eliminate ingredients they perceive as negative. In an effort to meet these demands, food and beverage companies seek to eliminate chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavors or colors.

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Emily Oursler

Emily is a Marketing and Business Development Associate at Trilogy where she works on marketing and China-related projects. Prior to joining Trilogy in 2019, Emily worked in management consulting in Shanghai, China for three years. Her interest in the food and beverage industry began after developing a North America market-entry plan for a large Chinese hot pot chain. Emily graduated from the University of Maryland in 2016 with a degree in Chinese and a concentration in Economics. She is fluent in Chinese and speaks basic Vietnamese and French. In her free time, Emily enjoys playing the electric guitar, scuba diving, skiing, and sailing.

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