Developing Palatability Tests for Pet Food

Have you ever wondered how pet food flavor chemists create flavors? There are many factors that determine what flavor materials and processes they use to create products that your pet loves. How does your pet tell us what flavors, foods, and treats they like? …

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Pet Food Flavors – Rosemary as a Natural Antioxidant Pt. 1

Trends in the pet food sector are nipping at the heels of the human sector.  Why not?  We all love our dogs and cats, so let’s treat them to all the comforts, safety, and choices that we have.  They are members of our families.  With stores constantly updating “negative ingredient lists” …

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Doug Gledhill

Doug Gledhill is a pet food flavor consultant with 30+ years of experience in the flavor industry. His expertise includes specializations in beverage, sweet, and pet food flavors. Doug owns several patents for flavored products and has a publication with the Society of Flavor Chemists. He is skilled in flavor compounding, sensory analysis, Maillard reaction flavors, spray drying, protein hydrolysis, product development, R&D stage gate, Six Sigma, Lean, QA/QC, and DOE/modelling (Design of Experiments). Prior to working with Trilogy, Doug worked for Proctor & Gamble for 12 years, and AFB International for 8 years. He has owned his own business for the past 5 years where he offers consulting services for flavor and product development. Doug graduated summa cum laude from Columbia College with degrees in Chemistry and Biology.