Flavor of the Month – Organic Pineapple

October's Flavor of the Month is Organic Pineapple Type (G616763). While the food and beverage industry is certainly dynamic, there are flavors that withstand the test of time. Pineapple, despite being viewed as an exotic flavor only 100 years ago, is now considered to be a classic favorite. This summer (2020), pineapple earned its place on the list …

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Market Trends – Functional Ingredients

Introduction  Food and beverages fortified with functional ingredients are experiencing increased demand as consumers want products that target specific health needs. The current global pandemic has accelerated demand for such products. Functional Ingredients are ingredients that may provide health benefits outside of the basic nutrition inherent in the …

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Flavor(s) of the Month – Mangosteen, Jackfruit, and Passionfruit

Demand for plant-based proteins is increasing as Americans focus on the quantity and quality of the protein that they consume. According to investment firm UBS, growth of plant-based protein and meat alternatives is projected to increase from $4.6 billion in 2018, to $85 billion in 2030. However, there are challenges inherent to the flavor profile of plant-based protein products such …

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Market Trends – Flavored Cheese Pt. 2, Flavor Trends

Introduction  With health being a top concern amongst Americans, cheese is presented with both an opportunity and challenge when it comes to sales. Cheese has historically been viewed as a high-fat/unhealthy food in the past. However, recent shifts in attitudes towards dieting such as low-carb and high-protein have …

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Flavor of the Month – Watermelon, Natural Flavor Blend

Watermelon Type, Natural Flavor Blend (Water Soluble)- Item Code 774649 August’s Flavor of the Month is …Watermelon! For many around the world, watermelon is the epitome of summer flavors: refreshing, light, and sweet. While many people cannot access their favorite summer vacation spots, bringing the taste of summer to …

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Market Trends – Flavored Cheese Pt. 1

Introduction  Like many categories in the Food and Beverage industry, capturing consumer interest and loyalty, in regards to taste, requires a tricky balance between time-honored classics and innovation. The cheese industry is no exception.  The current global pandemic has brought this conundrum, which has been in the background …

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Emily Oursler

Emily is a Marketing and Business Development Associate at Trilogy where she works on marketing and China-related projects. Prior to joining Trilogy in 2019, Emily worked in management consulting in Shanghai, China for three years. Her interest in the food and beverage industry began after developing a North America market-entry plan for a large Chinese hot pot chain. Emily graduated from the University of Maryland in 2016 with a degree in Chinese and a concentration in Economics. She is fluent in Chinese and speaks basic Vietnamese and French. In her free time, Emily enjoys playing the electric guitar, scuba diving, skiing, and sailing.