Market Trends – Alternative Meats

Introduction  Veggie burgers are nothing new, so why is it that alternative meats are so popular now? Have consumer tastes changed? Not necessarily. While the percentage of those who identify as vegetarian/vegan is still quite low, the number of people who are more flexible with their diets, also known as “flexitarians” is on the …

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Ask the Expert – Delivery Systems for Clean Label Flavors

Clean label is much more than a trend in the food and beverage industry. Today, it is part of the overall movement towards natural and transparent
products. Consumers of all ages – especially those within the trend-setting Millennial and Generation Z demographic cohorts – demand products that
eliminate ingredients …

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Salad oil

Market Trends – Clean Label

Introduction In the food and beverage industry, labeling claims like natural, fair trade, and even organic can be vague and at times, confusing. The understanding and expectations behind these labels can differ between producers and consumers. One claim that has gotten traction in recent times is “clean …

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Hard Seltzer

Market Trends – Hard Seltzer

Introduction – Will hard seltzer meet the same fate as wine coolers? In the world of fashion, it is understood and accepted that trends repeat and recycle. The cyclical nature of what’s “on trend” is not limited to just clothes. History repeats itself. In the food and beverage …

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Emily Oursler

Emily is a Marketing and Business Development Associate at Trilogy where she works on marketing and China-related projects. Prior to joining Trilogy in 2019, Emily worked in management consulting in Shanghai, China for three years. Her interest in the food and beverage industry began after developing a North America market-entry plan for a large Chinese hot pot chain. Emily graduated from the University of Maryland in 2016 with a degree in Chinese and a concentration in Economics. She is fluent in Chinese and speaks basic Vietnamese and French. In her free time, Emily enjoys playing the electric guitar, scuba diving, skiing, and sailing.