Flavors for Barbecue

Download our Flavor List Building on four generations of experience in flavor ingredients, Trilogy Essential Ingredients is a go-to flavor supplier whose unique blend of products—coupled with our deep research bench and flavoring expertise— made us a leading food flavoring and extract manufacturer.
For manufacturers of BBQ sauces and …

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Flavor Focus: Teriyaki

These days, facets of Japanese culture can be found everywhere in North America, from the Marie Kondo method to J-pop to anime to street style. But no Japanese export is more ubiquitous than Japanese cuisine - and in particular, teriyaki.  Teriyaki is a cooking method commonly used in …

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Close up of steak, corn, chicken and green peppers on the grill for trend article about Summer 2021 BBQ flavor trends

Summer 2021 BBQ Flavor Trends

Spring is here and that means grilling season is quickly approaching. Nothing signifies summer quite like the taste and smell of BBQ flavors. It’s time to prepare for summer 2021 BBQ flavor trends and get ready for May, which is National BBQ Month. According to the NPD …

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Flavor Focus: Lemongrass

Lemongrass brings zest to dishes sweet and savory—from baking to dairy products to steaks! Even drinks are getting a boost from lemongrass. Data giant Mintel says that lemongrass is making a splash in distilling, and the flavor is appearing in spirits, beer, sports drinks, and herbal teas. …

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Flavor Focus: Lavender

When you think of Lavender, you probably think of the popular essential oil used in aromatherapy, candles, and other household products. However, the use of lavender flavor is increasing in popularity in beverages from teas to milks to cocktails and even food.  Lavender was—and still is—cultivated for perfumes, …

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Flavor Focus: Strawberry

When we think of strawberries, what comes to mind? This sweet and natural treat is luscious, juicy, and best enjoyed in early summer. It evokes picnics and milkshakes, strawberries and cream, berries dipped in chocolate, baskets overflowing with hand-picked fruit. Ice cream. Jam on toast. Strawberry Fields …

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Bright and colorful donuts with a variety of toppings for a blog post about sweet bakery flavors

Sweet Bakery Flavor Trends 2021

2020 was a year like no other. Quarantining and social distancing led consumers to yearn for comfort and security. Comfort foods, especially sweet baked goods, are often sought after during difficult times. Traditionally, baked goods connote comfort and joy and frequently conjure fond childhood memories. It’s no …

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