Flavor of the Month – Organic Pineapple

October’s Flavor of the Month is Organic Pineapple Type (G616763).

While the food and beverage industry is certainly dynamic, there are flavors that withstand the test of time. Pineapple, despite being viewed as an exotic flavor only 100 years ago, is now considered to be a classic favorite. This summer (2020), pineapple earned its place on the list of top flavors for summer according to GNPD product release data. Demand for pineapple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon — in the past year, 42% of consumers reported purchasing a pineapple. Used across savory and sweet applications, pineapple’s versatility has allowed it to stay popular amongst consumers of all ages, all over the world.  

Trilogy’s Organic Pineapple flavor is very fresh and juicy with bright tropical notes and is reminiscent of a freshly-juiced pineapple. It is ideal for products that aim to have a “true-to-the-fruit” flavor.  

At Trilogy Essential Ingredients, the possibilities are endless for developing organic flavors thanks to our knowledgeable regulatory department and research and development team. 

Trilogy’s Organic Pineapple Type flavor has the following benefits: 

  • Clean Label: This flavor has a very simple ingredient statement (ethanol, natural flavor) which makes it ideal for use in clean label applications. 
  • Clear: This product cuts perfectly clear in water.  
  • No Agricultural Products: Because this flavor uses flavor chemicals and no agricultural products, it is appropriate for products that aim to have a smaller environmental footprint. 

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Emily Oursler

Emily is a Marketing and Business Development Associate at Trilogy where she works on marketing and China-related projects. Prior to joining Trilogy in 2019, Emily worked in management consulting in Shanghai, China for three years. Her interest in the food and beverage industry began after developing a North America market-entry plan for a large Chinese hot pot chain. Emily graduated from the University of Maryland in 2016 with a degree in Chinese and a concentration in Economics. She is fluent in Chinese and speaks basic Vietnamese and French. In her free time, Emily enjoys playing the electric guitar, scuba diving, skiing, and sailing.