Beverage Flavor Capabilities

Full development
across the diverse segment


Trilogy is recognized as a leader in the creation of flavors for beverages. While we excel at prototype development for all types of beverages, we are considered specialists in functional and isotonic drinks, meal replacements, sports drinks and energy drinks. Our products and services include:

  • From-the-Name Fruit (FTNF) flavors, extracts and distillates
  • Flavors for alcoholic and nonalcoholic products
  • Clear extracts
  • High impact flavors
  • Unique emulsion technology
  • Skill in using captive citrus topnotes, fractions, boosters, flavor enhancers and aging components
  • Turn-key product development for beverage entrepreneurs

To learn more about our capabilities in beverage, contact us today. You can also access our product/market sheets on beverages here.

Beverage Emulsion Technology

Providing highly stable oil-in-water
and water-in-oil systems


Emulsion technology is a vital process in the development of many of the beverages that consumers demand, especially carbonated drinks, isotonic sports drinks and vitamin/energy drinks. Formulators are often required to work with ingredients that are difficult to handle because of solubility issues. To address this critical formulation challenge, Trilogy delivers expertise in both the development and manufacturing of flavor emulsions.

To achieve success in your emulsion formulations, let the emulsion technology experts at our Abingdon, Maryland site apply their knowledge to your brands. Contact us today.

Tril-Clear™ Emulsions

Nanoemulsion technology for clear beverages

Tril-Clear™ is an innovative and sophisticated delivery system whereby oil soluble materials are easily dispersed and delivered transparently in an aqueous medium. Tril-Clear nanoemulsion technology is the result of our strength in colloid chemistry as applied to conventional emulsifiers, allowing us to create highly stable oil-in-water (O/W) systems. Tril-Clear ensures these benefits:

  • Enhanced shelf life and slower oxidation rate
  • Delivery of nutritional ingredients such as vitamin E, Omega 3s, DHA, CoQ10 and others
  • Higher bioavailability of nutritional ingredients
  • Compatible with the delivery of citrus oils, mint oils and other essential oils and colors
  • Complete taste from the whole ingredient, rather than partial taste through selective extraction
  • FEMA GRAS approved; Kosher and Halal certified

To learn more about Tril-Clear, contact us. You can also download a Tril-Clear sell sheet here.

Beer Flavors

Innovative concepts for craft beer brewmasters


Trilogy offers an extensive range of innovative flavors formulated for beer. Craft brewers all over the United States and Canada depend on our flavors for some of their best-selling beers.

Our beer flavor portfolio includes more than 60 flavors for use in light, mid profile and dark beer types. Flavor categories include:

  • Citrus
  • Spice
  • Berry
  • Orchard Fruits
  • Melon Fruits
  • Tropical Fruits
  • Floral
  • Nuts
  • Sweet Brown Notes
  • Indulgent Flavors

All of our flavors are manufactured in TEI’s state-of-the-art facility in Abingdon, Maryland. Our products are certified Kosher and we can provide documentation including FID sheets and TTB numbers. We normally ship orders within ten business days.

A comprehensive list of our Beer Flavors is available on our Resources page. To request a sample or speak with an expert, contact us today.


CitraSense® Brand Citrus Flavors

Delivering upbeat perceptions of genuine citrus notes

Trilogy’s understanding of taste nuances associated with regional favorites is evident in CitraSense®, our innovative brand of citrus flavors. CitraSense brand citrus flavors go beyondthe ordinary, delivering the unmistakable upbeat perceptions of genuine citrus notes.

  • Flavors include orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit and orange juice fortifier
  • Portfolio includes Natural Flavors, WONFs and N&As
  • Co-developed by flavorists in the US and China
  • CitraSense represents TEI’s global approach to citrus. In addition to US and China, TEI is working on Latin American inspired citrus flavors, and new flavors based on varietal types of citrus oils from Italy and Spain will follow. Mediterranean sourcing is a large part of the CitraSense future

CitraSense flavors capture the characteristics of regional preferences. A collaborate effort among Trilogy experts in the United States, China and Latin America resulted in these innovative flavors, which are ideal for beverage, yogurt, juice and smoothies.

To access a list of our CitraSense products, visit our Resources page. To request a sample or speak with a CitraSense expert, contact us today.


Providing the true representation of a spice's flavor profile

Oleoresins are natural flavorings prepared by extracting a botanical with a non-potable volatile solvent, which is later removed. Oleoresins contain the following components: Essential Oils, which are the volatiles that provide aroma and flavor; Non–Volatile oils, which provide pungency or warmth; Fixed oils, typically found in seeds; Pigments, such as chlorophyll and carotenoids; and Natural Antioxidants, which inhibit flavor and color degradation.

When compared to spices, oleoresins provide these advantages:

  • Freedom from contamination from microorganisms and insects
  • Destruction of problem enzymes such as lipase
  • Standardized flavor, color, texture, and bulk density characteristics
  • More flexibility in food systems (solubility, liquid or dry, water or oil)
  • Longer shelf life
  • Freedom from specks and spice pieces
  • Easier storage and shipping
  • Less expensive cost-in-use, since the total flavor is available
  • Contain natural antioxidants

Trilogy offers a broad line of more than 60 oleoresins including Paprika, Capsicum, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger, Celery, Turmeric and many more. Our portfolio features the highest quality oleoresins, including water soluble options and natural concentrates.

To access a list of our oleoresin products, visit our Resources page. To request a sample or speak with a product expert, contact us us today.



Liquid Seasonings

Consistent flavor profile equivalent to the natural spice, plus so much more

Ground spices, which are so important to food product development, can present significant problems to manufacturers. They can be costly, are often difficult to source and are inherently inconsistent from batch to batch.

Liquid Seasonings from TEI provide a reliable alternative to the challenges of ground spices because they provide these important benefits:

  • Equivalent in flavor to natural ground spices
  • Help retain great taste in processed meat
  • Provide a consistent flavor profile
  • Cost effective
  • Long shelf life
  • No dusting
  • Minimal storage requirements
  • Low to no micro stability concerns
  • Easy handling
  • Can be labeled as "Natural Spice" or "Spice Extract"

With liquid seasonings, the flavor, color, pungency and heat are completely free and available. This is not always the case with traditional ground spices, so they must be used at much higher levels to impart the same level of flavor as our liquid spice alternatives, resulting in a higher cost-in-use. And, because liquid seasonings are homogenous mixtures that are easily blended and evaluated, they offer a high degree of consistency.

Trilogy’s liquid seasonings are available in both water dispersible and oil soluble forms and have been formulated for maximum performance in a wide variety of products ranging from processed meats like pepperoni, hot dogs and bologna to sauces, salad dressings, soups and much more.

Contact us for samples or further information. To access a technical presentation that details the advantages of liquid seasonings over ground spice materials, visit our Resources page.

Spices and Seasonings

Trilogy offers a complete line of dry spice and seasoning products, formulated to match the specific needs of our customers

Our portfolio includes:

  • Encapsulated spice extracts and flavors
  • Acidulants
  • Spice extracts
  • Oleoresins

Trilogy’s spice and seasoning ingredients are readily compatible with other ingredients, including carriers such as dextrose, sugar and salt.

To request a sample or to speak with one of our spice and seasoning experts, contact us today.

Reaction Flavors

Providing mouth-watering tastes

Trilogy’s extensive expertise has led to a wide range of flavor nuances in reaction flavors, including:

  • Beef, chicken, pork and ham
  • Roasted garlic
  • Roasted onion
  • Chocolate

Trilogy is differentiated in the area of meat flavors by two important factors: our applications work with meat products is conducted by a recognized industry leader with years of experience developing meat products, and our expertise in seasonings and liquid spice alternatives gives us a strong working knowledge of the specific demands inherent in working with meat products.

For manufacturers of pet foods, Trilogy also offers a line of meat and savory flavors specifically designed for this market. Our flavors for pet foods include bacon, ham, onion, garlic and a wide variety of reaction flavors. Contact us to learn more.

To request a sample or to speak with one of our technical experts, contact us today.

Flavorshield® Natural Antioxidants

Help your products taste better and look better – naturally, safely and for longer!

The leaves of rosemary are commonly used for flavoring foods as a spice, but the plant has also been traditionally implored for different medicinal purposes due to its powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-mutagenic properties. We now know that rosemary’s effectiveness in traditional medicine is due to the high levels of the phenolic compounds: rosmarinic acid, carnosol, rosmanol, and carnosic acid. Scientific studies have shown that the high antioxidant activity of carnosic acid is amplified in most applications by the synergistic effects of the other phenolic compounds found in rosemary, creating a powerful antioxidant.

Food companies have traditionally used synthetic antioxidants to prolong the shelf life of their products. These synthetic antioxidants interrupt the oxidation process by inhibiting the formation of volatile free radicals, thus stopping the oxidative chain reaction and preserving the flavor and appearance of food products. While effective, the use of synthetic antioxidants is under scrutiny. In the United States, consumers are demanding clean label foods with easily recognizable, natural ingredients.

Trilogy’s Flavorshield® Rosemary natural antioxidants are an effective alternative to synthetic antioxidants. The protection provided by the naturally occurring phenolic compounds in our Flavorshield Rosemary Extracts is equal to, or better than, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), PG (propyl gallate) and TBHQ (tert-butylhydroquinone). Flavorshield Extracts can be listed on the ingredients declaration as either “extractives of rosemary,” “rosemary extract,” “natural flavor,” “natural flavoring.” These names are easily recognizable to most consumers and support manufacturers’ desire for clean labels.

For samples of our Flavorshield Rosemary natural antioxidants, contact us today.


Indulgent flavors for sweet goods are always in high demand among consumers. Trilogy’s creations and formulations teams develop flavors for sweet goods that deliver great taste and superior mouthfeel.


Up to the minute taste perceptions created in our dedicated dairy lab
  • Ice cream and frozen novelties
  • Yogurt and yogurt drinks
  • Smoothies and milkshakes
  • High protein beverages
  • Milk flavors for cooked milk, steamed milk and soy milk


A focus on widely used flavors in a myriad of baked goods applications
  • Sweet flavors
  • Brown flavors
  • Heat stable


Ideal for hard boiled candy, mint and chewing gum
  • Exceptional palette of mint ingredients
  • Expertise in chocolate applications
  • Cocoa enhancers and extenders
  • Diverse citrus, fruit, mint and spice flavors

You can access product/market sheets on everything from ice cream concepts to cheese flavors here. To request samples, contact us.